The Blade

A product that is long overdue for those of us who are serious about learning the realities and skills in the knife offense and defense arena. The functionality of the No Lie Blades training knife quickly clears up reality from the common misconceptions of blade attacks, which can be detrimental in real-life knife fighting situations. Unlike a punch or a kick, all the blade has to do is make contact and the results may be fatal. series1
The No Lie Blades training knife incorporates a unique felt-edged marking system, dispersing an ink mark from the edge of the blade where the cut would be. Designed to have the feel and attributes of a real combat blade, both Series 1 and the Street Trainer models allow professionals to instantly validate and improve upon their defensive and combative knife skills. street-trainer
Training with the No Lie Blades training knife will heighten your awareness to things such as cutting angles, range considerations, primary target acquisition, unrealistic blocking methods, and maybe the most important benefit of all – the true dangers of knife fighting.

Blade Preparation
The Right Attire
Cross Reference Marks
The blade edge should be moistened a little bit with water, and then saturated with the marking agent (the more the blade is saturated with ink the better it will consistently mark, approximately 15 slash marks per blade side). For realistic tactical training, we also suggest the use of a long sleeve white or light colored shirt, with the use of a marking stick that would contrast the shirt color, as this will provide the best marking surface for the blade. Always train with some type of eye protection.
Cross reference your marks against the No Lie Blade impact and injury charts – developed in cooperation with the medical field – to discover the lethality of a committed blade attack and learn how your tactics measure up in real-world terms.