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There is no substitute for you and your operator’s lives. There should be no reason for them not to be equipped with the best tools, tactics, and training. 

Bring the nation’s best edged weapons training program to your facility!

What edged weapons training system are you using to give unquestionable, immediate, and accurate results on your knife fighting and knife defense skills? How do you validate and measure your training progress and readiness for real-world scenarios?

Every seminar is tailored to fit your tactical objectives, the attendees, and the training agenda. Our programs offer rapid, effective, and instantly measurable skill improvements. Each program is designed to work with the unique strengths of the individual. We do not teach “techniques.” Techniques can prove useless or even fatal in the face of real-world situations. Instead, we strive to break down mindsets that hinder progress toward the individual’s full potential. We exact life-changing mental and physical transitions, making instant and measurable impacts to personal combatives.

It’s vital that you utilize our team of experts for your close combat and defensive tactics training. Host a seminar in your area today…your life may well depend on here for more information

Training with No Lie Blades immediately and continuously heightens awareness to life-saving factors such as unrealistic blocking methods, range considerations, target acquisition, and the most important benefit - learning the true dangers of knife fighting.

George Dutile

U.S. Department of Justice, Assistant Center Director

The instruction and information you provided was simple but brutally realistic and highly effective. This system provides your students with the necessary tools to handle a wide variety of lethal or non-lethal threat situations. I would very highly recommend your style, techniques, and training method to any law enforcement, peace keeping, or offensive force.

I am personally aware of at least one recipient of your unparalleled instruction who is alive today because of the specifically tailored edge weapon instruction you graciously provided.

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Read what everyone's saying and you'll see why NLB training is called the "Gold Standard in Edge Weapons Training".

Cliff Byerly

Los Angeles Police Department, Narcotics Unit, SWAT

In my personal opinion, the edge weapon poses more of a risk to police officers than firearms. In most firearm attacks on police officers, the officer has some sort of distance on his side, however, attacks with an edge weapon, the officer is already fighting with the suspect and never sees the weapon until it is introduced into his fight. Most officers I work with have the “it will never happen to me” mindset, but what if it does happen to you? All officers talk about winning the fight but how many talk about preparing to win the fight.

Mr. Hayes and his No Lie Blade marking knife brought a realistic feel to the training. The defensive tactics against the edge weapon that Mr. Hayes taught works with what the body does naturally during a dynamic critical incident. His simple but functional defensive tactics against the blade was easy to learn and does not require hours of practice to put them into use. If needed I felt I could of used any of the defensive tactics the same day I was taught them.

NLB Edged Weapons Introduction Seminar 

NLB introduction training is designed to give you the tools to build a strong edged weapon knowledge base. Training concentrates on awareness and pre-incident indicators; empty hands vs. edged weapons, knife vs. knife, footwork, timing and combative range sensitivity. The No Lie Blades training blade is used exclusively as a tool in our seminars to turbo charge your survival skills. With the undeniable evidence that the training tool leaves, the reality of an individual’s offensive & defensive effectiveness is quickly realized. Reality based scenarios are designed to heighten awareness to the lethality of an edged weapon encounter. Unrealistic cutting angles, ranges of combat and defensive methods are quickly recognized.

NLB Edged Weapons Advanced Training Program 

The No Lie Blades Advanced Training Course is designed to enhance and build upon the skills that were developed in the NLB Edged Weapons Introduction Seminar. This advanced course of instruction also looks at edged weapon carry and deployment options, multiple knife carry, and knife versus ground combatives. Cohesion drills, coordination drills, and reality-based scenarios play a big part in this high impact advanced program.

NLB Instructor Certification Training 

Our instructor certification training is designed to “Train the Trainer”. It is available to civilian and military personnel that currently hold an instructor level certification in Law Enforcement, Military, Private Security or Martial Arts (verifiable black belt or equivalent), and qualifying individuals who also hold a certificate from NLB Advanced Training. No Lie Blades has a global presence within the Combat sector, providing education for the Military, Law Enforcement, Protection and Combat Martial Arts communities. If you are a dedicated professional and recognize the importance of real-world, reality-based training, and are interested in being part of the No Lie Blades experience, then this is the training program for you.

Your Job Requires Specialized Training to Address Your Specific Daily Risks

In order to address these specific risks and to keep you safe and in control, we have designed specialized training for the Law Enforcement, Military, and Corrections industries.

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